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Our Programs

Uzima Ministries is a faith-based Christian organization that exists to respond to these and other related problems within our country and beyond. We empower families and individuals to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

We tailor the programs to the specific needs and demographics of the community we serve by ensuring that individuals receive holistic care that addresses both their mental health and spiritual well-being. Additionally, collaborating with professionals and maintaining open communication with clients is crucial for the success of our programs. These programs cater to learning institutions, health centers and their workers, and general communities. Our programs include:

  • Bulamu/Bwomezi Support Group

    We provide individual and group counseling sessions led by licensed Christian counselors at our centers, health centers we partner and our other effective online platforms. We offer marriage and family counseling to strengthen relationships and address relational issues.

    We also create peer-led Bulamu/Bwomezi Support Groups where individuals can share their experiences and provide emotional support to one another. These Bulamu/Bwomezi Support Groups are either virtual or physical for specific mental health challenges, such as depression, anxiety, addiction, or grief. We encourage the use of scripture and prayer as tools for healing and growth.

    Prayer and Meditation Retreats program

    We host retreats that focus on the spiritual aspects of mental health, combining prayer, meditation, and counseling. Establish prayer chains to provide ongoing spiritual support for individuals facing mental health challenges. We encourage intercessory prayers for those in need.

    In these retreats, we promote a holistic approach to mental health, including physical fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness practices. This provides a peaceful environment for participants to reflect and connect with their faith.

    Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention program

    We train staff of different health centers, companies, organizations, churches, and volunteers in crisis intervention and suicide prevention techniques. We have also established a 24/7 crisis hotline or online chat support for those in immediate need.

    We place our professional staff in different health centers such as Kyenjojo District Health Center to have rapid response to mental health crises and handle suicidal cases in those health centers and communities. We partner with local healthcare professionals and mental health experts to ensure comprehensive care. We refer individuals to other specialists we partner with when needed.

    Community Outreach Program

    We organize and engage in community events and activities to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues. We collaborate with churches and local organizations to raise awareness about mental health and provide resources.

    We engage in different mental health activities on radios, TVs, and podcasts among others to continue to create awareness and teach people how to handle different cases of their mental wellbeing. We organize and participate in University public dialogues on mental health such as Makerere, Nkumba among others.  

    Educational Resources

    We create and distribute Christian-based resources, such as newsletters, books, brochures, and online articles, on mental health topics. We have our monthly newsletter on topics, events, and testimonies that promote mental health and well-being. We are developing a big physical and digital library. We are also building a digital platform for the repository of relevant materials.

    Youth and Children's Programs

    We have developed age-appropriate programs for children and youth to address issues like bullying, self-esteem, and peer pressure. We use interactive and creative methods to engage and educate young participants about mental health and Christian values.

    Addiction Recovery Program

    We offer a faith-based addiction recovery program, incorporating the 12-step model with a Christian perspective. We also provide ongoing support and mentorship for individuals in recovery. The support includes training in different skills, assigning them to recovery peer groups.

    Mental Health Workshops and Seminars

    We conduct workshops on stress management, anger management, and coping strategies from a Christian perspective. Organize seminars on topics like forgiveness, resilience, and hope in the face of adversity. We include Bible-based teachings and principles in these programs.